Who Cares for Carers?

Having just gotten over a huge bout of the flu, and not being able to see my family and friends got me to wondering once again, what happens when the care giver actually becomes ill? I know I’ve been extremely lucky in that I have my Mum, Dad nearby and my Husband. However, they are … Continued

Invisible Disabilities

For those of you who are not fortunate enough to know people who have a disability this may be a foreign concept. I know before I became involved with people with disabilities I was completely unaware that (ignorant if you like) that not everyone who has a disability looks like they have a disability. Often, … Continued

Looking at Abilities- What’s Yours?

In a world that seems to be focusing more and more on the negative things in life, I thought today we would look at Abilities instead. Ability 1. The power or capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially etc. 2. competence in an activity, or occupation because of one’s skill, training or … Continued

A Reason to Live

Everyone needs a reason to live! Let’s face it that’s why we are here, and apart from when we are children and have adults to make decisions for us, we pretty much live our lives the way we want. Our minds and bodies do what we decide is best for us. But, what happens when … Continued

What About Me?

I love when I hear this song on the radio. Why? It’s a reminder to me that I need to look after myself and check on both my physical and mental health. This is something I have learned the hard way. Being diagnosed with depression has helped me to understand that being strong is more … Continued

Are Teacher Aids and Mentors Carers in Disguise?

Regardless of the circumstance children grow up in, all children need one or if they are lucky many mentors in their lives. Children who experience disabilities also have mentors known as Teacher Aids once they reach school age. The idea of teacher aids and mentors had me thinking …. “Are Teacher Aids and Mentors Carers … Continued

Sh*t Happens! The Lighter Side of Incontinence.

Have you ever seen the movie “Death at a Funeral”? In it there is a scene where the elderly Uncle entraps a young friend to assist him in a bathroom visit. Only thing is that Uncle has left it to the last minute. Of course there are numerous obstacles to avoid with the loan wheelchair. … Continued

Are You Included?

If like me you have been an avid viewer of the Commonwealth Games in the past couple of weeks you would have seen and heard a lot about how inclusive the Games have been with a numerous “para” sports being included alongside the able-bodied versions. The format started me to thinking what does inclusion look … Continued

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